Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brace Face

Day One

Well as some of you know, and some of you don't I am starting a 22 month long process. Today was my first step towards a more stable bite. I only had spacers put in, but come August 17th I will have full blown braces on!

Best thing about it? This will assure that I will continue to be carded for another two years and most likely cause some to question whether my I.D. is real or fake.

I will go into detail over the process I am undertaking at a later date. If you have questions before then, shoot them my way! Until then, my smile has entered the witness protection program and will not appear again until 2013.


  1. :( but only about your smiling going into hiding. the good news is, you could probably pay the child's price at the movie theater.

    love you friend!

  2. That's just the cutest happy face ever. I cannot wait to see you.