Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, they are officially on. What a process and one that I am not surprised I blocked out of my junior high memories. Although things have changed a bit. This crazy contraption is what they had me in for almost two hours:

The whole time my mouth was being sucked dry and pulled open beyond comfort, I could not help but think that the man who invented this terrible device must also have been the man behind creating the jaw trap device in Saw.

A bit dramatic? Not one bit.

Anyway I will try to have the hubby take some pictures so we can begin to track the process but I can already tell that the teeth are on the move! Slimfast and mashed potatoes for me :) I think I will have to invest in some mac and cheese too. If anyone has ideas for soft, good-to-eat-with-braces food I am all ears! I'm sure many things will begin to get boring.

I've been hearing this a lot in 24 hours, but they are... they are that noticable. 22 months of my life I hope will fly by!


  1. OMG, I will almost guarantee that you are the most adorable 27-year-old brace face. Your description of the pain that comes along with braces, though, takes me back to my own brace-face time. My mouth is contorting just thinking about it.

    I'm here for you!

  2. Great post to begin your adventure. I know things will get easier. A little ice cream would be soothing to both the imprisoned mouth and the yearning palette.
    Also, visits to Banana Republic seem to relieve pain. Unsure why this happens but it's been tested and proved reliable on numerous occasions.