Monday, March 15, 2010

We're in Love

Doesn't get much better than this. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My favorite place

Just a few pictures of my favorite place in this world. Malibu, I've been thinking of you a lot lately (and no not Malibu, CA).  Young Life has a special place in my heart.

I hope one day I am able to go back.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Scott and I have recently purchased a fun new piece of equipment!! Fun way to post a blog entry if you ask me...

Sorry about the shaky hands, it's a lot harder than it looks! We are well on our way of moving a few things in.  It's pretty easy when you don't have much to move :)


We are all judgmental.

Judgement. A big word and often, a daily battle. Something that we all struggle with, and something that we all are victim to.

I consider myself a tolerant person and pride myself on being as open minded as possible. Try as we may, judgement is in our lives. Why are we all so judgmental? Why do some people find that exploiting another person's faults, disadvantages, or differences, enjoyable? It is our nature, but is it "nice"? We look down on others, as if we are so much better … and that creates division among people.

Most people realize that being judgmental is an unattractive trait, but why do so many people struggle with the ability to love beyond, well... perfect.

I guess it is time for a little self reflection, and I ask each of you to do the same. It is hard. It is hard to love unconditionally, but this is something I am working on. I used to be better. The next time you judge someone for something, think of how that can make them feel. If you are worried about hurting their feelings... you probably did.

“Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

*I just edited this post because of an error. Shows how we all worry about being "judged" :) New goal... not care about what others think... as much as possible.*