Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One week

Well we are one week away from my surgery date.  A day that I have always felt was a ways off, and one that I have not mentioned much on this blog.

In one week I will be having Orthognatic surgery.  Technically speaking I will be having mandibular osteotomy with advancement.  The lower jaw bone will be cut and re-aligned, then held in place with either screws or plates and screws. Orthognathic surgery can also be referred to as corrective jaw surgery.  This cool little video below better explains the procedure.

Thankfully my friends have been kind enough to say that my profile does not look like the lady in the animation.

This whole process began with noticing that a few of my teeth were out of place even though I had braces when I was younger. After quite a few consultations, the one tooth I felt was out of place, was actually the only tooth in the correct position.

Although the news was a little discouraging, it was just the start. We later learned that the location of my lower jaw was causing more damage than misaligned teeth. On top of the severe damage I was doing to my teeth from grinding (bruxism), the misalignment was the major source of my daily migraine headaches and causing damage to the joint. Awesome.

So after a year in braces I will now be heading into the next step to attain a "perfect bite." Wednesday is the big day and I will be going under the knife. Surprisingly I do not have a lot of anxiety in regards to surgery but rather am looking forward to the end result.   I know that life will suck for a while, but the long term goal will definitely be worth the suffering.