Monday, August 23, 2010

Normalcy...or Something Like It

I know this is out of order and I promise hope that we will post wedding/honeymoon pics and info, but I figured our blog was out of date again and wanted to post a little something.

The months leading up to the wedding were a complete whirlwind and practically the whole 2010 year has flown by. But here we are now, 3 weeks post wedding and things are finally settling down. We came back from our much needed Hawaiian honeymoon with awesome tans and a sense of relaxation. We promised our friends that we would definitely hang out with them once the wedding was over, and so this past weekend we tried to make good on our promises.

Steve and Rachel Trudelle-
As you may recall, Steve and Rachel were the wedding we attended 3 weeks before our wedding. (Yeah the one with the sweet boat cruise). This past Saturday, Steve was running in a 10K at Snoqualmie Days (which is a big celebration thing that Michelle and I had no idea existed) and he and Rachel would be in our neck of the woods. We met them for breakfast at Mabel's (the local breakfast place on the Ridge) and spent a good deal of time catching up. Luckily the Trudelles are BBQ pizza experts and gave us directions on how to make awesomely delicious pizzas without a pizza stone. (We owe you guys!) So obviously we wasted no time and put the pizza recipe to work that night.

Chris and Jessi Stephen-
Chris is Michelle's old co-worker but he and his wife, Jessi, live quite close to us. We had plans to hang out with them Saturday night and since we were armed with a new pizza recipe, we had them come over for "Make Your Own Pizza Night". Michelle and I did our best to have a variety of ingredients so that people could make their own crazy combination of pizzas. I went with a more "everything on it" type while Michelle went with her "Italian Style" which had tomatoes, mushrooms, and even prosciutto (pretend I'm saying it like Giada). It was great catching up with them as well over a bottle of wine and a couple beers.

Evansons and Parnells-
On Sunday we had a belated bday celebration for Michelle at Maltby Cafe (a greater Seattle area institution for breakfast). This place is known for their cinnamon rolls so obviously we ordered one. These things were massive (about the size of a wagon wheel with the weight of a small child) but oh so delicious. It's always great getting together with family and shooting the breeze without any stress.

And so our weekend ended much too quickly (don't they all?) and we now turn our sights onto HOTLANTA, where Michelle's good friend Nikki is getting married this weekend. As you may or may not know, I hate humidity. It goes back to a blistering summer in North Carolina, but I will save that story for later (it's a good one, trust me). Anywho, we will be in Atlanta from Friday-Sunday where I will sweat profusely, but will enjoy every minute celebrating Nikki and Danny and their future together (which will include Sweeney-Castro vacations, right Nikki?)

Side note: Sorry I don't post pictures with posts. I'm not very artsy or creative, which has been reinforced throughout my life on art projects. I was also told I don't write nice flowing essays but instead I use choppy sentences and make careless mistakes. But that could be because I just would spell check and print whenever I wrote an essay. It was much easier than re-reading it and making changes. Blogging is way easier since nobody grades you...well at least not publicly. I'm sure all the teachers out there have some grade in their head as they read this. (B? B-?) My mom is probably grading me the worst, but she loves me no matter how bad poorly I write :)

Thanks for reading this latest entry loyal blog stalkers. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't write these. Oh who am I kidding, I wrote one when I thought only 3 people read the blog. I'm sure we've doubled that by now. I hope you all have a good week and a better weekend.


PS Whoa, apparently Michelle changed the look of the blog as I was writing this. She loves her green apparently. I need to stop saying apparently.