Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How bad are we??

So how bad are we at this blogging thing right?  I really need to get into my projects and stick with them.  Right now I have a million projects going on, many of which I will or should be blogging about, but then I start a new project and the cycle continues.

Well I know this is not much of the update you were looking for being so long ago, but we have something we need to share.  Our friend Jen (who is amazing btw.. please follow her blog too!), gave us a really special wedding present.  We absolutely love it! And the best part of all, we get to share her gift with all of you!!   I promise I will update more soon, but in the meantime... check this awesome gift out!

 and thanks to Jen, I am now thinking of all the people I would like to have this done for.  This artist is just so great!

Happy day to everyonee!