Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s my Birthday, I can “wine” if I want to!

As many of you know, from the all love I got, my birthday was this past weekend.  It’s crazy to think, 2 years ago I met Scott, 3 years ago I graduated college and sold the ever-loved del Sol, 7 years ago I graduated high school and started college, 9 years ago I got my license and 15 years ago I was celebrating double digits! Time definitely flies by when you are having fun.
I am very excited for the year ahead. Lots of planning to do, but I know it will be another year that flies by.
For my birthday, my family surprised me with a trip to Eastern Washington to go wine tasting.  I have been to Napa a few times when I was in the Bay Area, but this was my first time visiting the wineries up here.  We stopped at a few small wineries and then made our way to Prosser, WA which is a really quaint little town that I had never been to. One of the wineries we went to was Maison de Padgett.
They had some super sweet dessert wines and ports that tasted like you practically just bit into a peach.  Surprisingly, all of us “Red-winos” were really impressed with their 2003 Risqué Chardonnay.  I’m not usually one to LOVE a Chard, but this non-oak wine with a hint of vanilla was really smooth and quite tasty. So we brought it home!
On our way to and from the Eastern part of the state, we drove through Ellensburg, home to where my Mom and Dad went to college AND the center of Washington State! Very exciting I know!
Although we all really wanted to try this restaurant that has “really good wings” per my Mom, Dad, Sister, and Bro-in-law, they were packed so we went to another pretty good BBQ place before heading home after a super long day.
Scott and I also took engagement photos this past weekend with our friend and photographer, Haden.  If any of you are looking for a great photographer click on this link or look for his blog on my blogroll.  He is really good and taking pictures, making you feel comfortable, and is willing to wait for the perfect shot! It was great to see him and his wife Lauren! We love spending time with those guys.
Center of Washington State
Center of Washington State

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