Friday, July 31, 2009


My thoughts on July 3, 2009…
So for the past three weeks Scott and I had been very lucky. We actually were lucky enough to spend two of those weekends together, and for us that was a treat! After a year of being in a long distance relationship, two weekends in a row together had been unheard of. And to top it off, we were even going to spend the following weekend together.
For this Fourth of July, we had had it planned for a while that his parents and brothers would join in on the Lake Limerick fun this year. So our families were very excited to finally meet each other after almost two years of dating. It’s hard that our families are in such different locations. We’ve wanted them to meet for a long time and were excited that everyone would meet at one of Scott and I’s favorite places.
For these last two weekends Scott had been acting really weird. Very quiet, I would almost say he was “zoned out” for a while. While we were on our way to pick up his parent’s at the train station in Olympia and I thought I would ask him if everything was ok. He chalked it up to being focused on the CPA exam and very busy with work, which I completely understood.

So when we got back to the cabin, and everyone was going through introductions, Scott had asked me if he could talk to me very quickly in private. Immediately I thought, “We just took an hour car ride up to pick up your parent’s, and now you want to talk about what is wrong?!”
Well when Scott had pulled me into the cabin we had set up (with the help of my sister and mom) the room to have a big sign saying “Will you marry me? Hm.” The “Hm” is an inside joke between us. Just when I turned to look at him in shock he got done on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was in complete shock and literally stood there for what felt like the longest time until Scott said, “So, Does that mean yes?”
It was perfect. We had our little moment together, and then when we walked outside all of our immediate family (and Karlisa!) were there to help us celebrate our engagement! I’m so glad that we had both of our families there since it is not an everyday event.
It will definitely be a July 4th we will never forget, and makes the cabin that much more special to us. Oh and I should mention that the quiet Scott was strictly because he was nervous. He was completely back to normal the second he popped the question.

The big question I keep getting asked: Did you expect it?
Answer: The thought ran through my head. However, it was quickly dismissed when I thought it through. If you know Scott you know that he is not a “planner.” He’s much more of the last minute planner. So when I thought of how long his family had planned this trip to Seattle and how long we had these plans for the 4th, I knew this was not something Scott had planned. And I later learned, I know my guy very well! He actually was not planning on doing it that particular weekend and decided that he would ask then only days before he did!!
We are both so happy to plan our wedding and looking forward to a life together. We will try to keep the blog updated with plans and thoughts as we go along.
Thank you from both of us for all the well wishes!

Here’s a picture of all the people at the 4th. Haden is turning into such an amazing photographer! We are starting a real tradition!!

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