Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I like to move it, move it"

Well this is my first official blog, yep that’s me to the right, just a typical white outline of a guy and yes I am behind the curve in terms of blogging…but I still am not giving into Twitter.  Anyway, I wanted to let all 5 people who read this know that I will officially be a Washington state resident come September 1st.  After months of searching, in the worst economic environment ever, I was able to get a job in Seattle.  So I am busy packing my bags and getting everything ready for the big move.  I am very fortunate to have Matt drive up with me as he will prove to be a great source of entertainment as I make the 13 hour drive.  He will spend a couple days in Seattle while I show him around (as if I am an expert on the place).  But the trip won’t be complete without a trip to Paseos….hands down the greatest sandwich place on the planet.
And lastly, Michelle and I are so excited to finally live in the same city again.  It seems like it has been the longest year and change in my entire life.  We are very excited for the wedding next July and being together will definitely make the planning so much easier. 
So stay tuned for more info….I think I may write some more blogs…if people comment…just kidding….but seriously, comment
First trip to Seattle
First trip to Seattle

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