Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idol Girls

I don't care what you say... I'm not too old for Idol. But most likely when Simon goes, I'll go.

Ok the good part of Idol officially started last night. Scott and I stayed up until 11:30 pm (WAY Past our bedtime!) to watch the first round of girls go through. I think it may be a girls' year, but it is also very early to tell. Even though watching the traveling city try-outs can be funny and we see some crazy people who think they can sing, it is only funny for about two shows and then it's time to fast forward past Hollywood week and start truly paying attention when they get to the top 24.

These are Scott's and my pick for top three girls so far:

Crystal Bowersox
I LOVE this girl. She is what Idol needed. A true musician and really cool voice. Unlike any other girl to ever come onto Idol. Her downside? Most people my age and older are not into American Idol, and I don't really think she will have enough of a fan base to keep her going.
Katelyn Epperly
This girl needs some help in the wardrobe department because I think she's too young to dress like a 80's pop icon. Has a really powerful voice and knows her limitations. She does make some weird facial expressions though. But some of the greatest vocal talent I can't stand to watch (i.e. Celine, Reba) so maybe it's all a part of her plan.

Katie Stevens
This girl, is ONLY 17!! Can you believe it, because I can't. She might just be the full Idol package. I think the pre-teens will love her and since that is the major market for this show (Surprisingly they also target this show to me, Scott, Rachel, and Nikki - obviously this show was made for us) she just have a very good chance.

I think that we may have a "underdog" as well.
Paige Miles
I kinda forgot about this girl until right now. I think she has a pretty great voice, but had a horrible choice of song last night. You can tell she has that something special, but I don't even know if she knows what best suits her voice. We may have to wait and see on this one.

Those are our picks. Onto another season of... AMERICAN IDOL! (said just like Ryan)

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