Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family came to town!

Scott's parents came to visit us two weekends ago and we had such a good time. Both Scott and I love to do the tourist thing and show off Seattle because it reminds us how much we love where we live. We showed them good eats, and great sights along the way. They came up for a wedding show at our venue but we were able to squeeze a lot into the short amount of time they were here.

We were also happy that they got to see the house while it is in progress as well as show them the venue for the wedding. There are still a lot of things to do for the wedding, but we are on our way to what will be a day we will never forget.

Scott's parents at Salumi

Pike's Place Market

The first Sur la Table

Lorie at the first Starbucks with her coffee

Scott and I having a little fun at Salty's brunch

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  1. Nikkita here, NOT Jennifer. I do not even know who that is!

    Anyway...Scott, your mom looks so young! Where can I get some of those family genes?!