Monday, February 8, 2010

Gray's Papaya

It has almost been four years (yikes!) since Kenzie and I went on our trip to NYC.  What a trip it was too! We really took the city by storm and hit almost all of the main points with the exception of the Empire State Building and the Met (we know, we know! At least it gives us reason to go back-as if either of us needed one).  One thing I have been missing lately is Gray's Papaya hot dogs.  This has recently been sparked by Scott and I looking into honeymoon spots and finding out that another hot dog place I've been wanting to try may be possible on our honeymoon.

I'm definitely not a hot dog fanatic, as I know some are, but sometimes you really just need one.  Has anyone seen that movie "Fools Rush In"?  I wonder if they really can ship :)
*Picture courtesy of Mckenzie or me, I don't remember

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