Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a week!

We just got back from our house and we are blown away.  The changes this past week really started to show the details that both Scott and I picked.  It has been so exciting to see that our decisions that we made in the showroom from little sample pieces look great.  The house is really starting to come together.  Next week Scott’s parents will be in town so they will finally be able to see our new home for themselves.  It’s hard to imagine that our home will be done in about one more month!!
Also, just to let you all know, you can click on the images that we post to view them in a larger size.
Our driveway is poured!
Kitchen Cabinetry
The sink will sit below this window. Another kitchen shot.
Paint Color, Doors, Millwork, and Open Handrail in back. *Caution - Men at work*
Front Spare Bedroom. Pretty window sills.
Master Bath Cabinetry
The Loft. The house behind us will only be 1.5 stories!! They will not block our view of Mount Si.

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