Friday, January 22, 2010

GB Sale!

Hello readers,

Today I am sharing with you some valuable information .  A local company that makes the most amazing EXPENSIVE votive candle holders, is having their annual sale.  This will be my first year and I’m planning to add a couple more to my collection of one.  This is their “seconds” sale, or what they believe to be the “imperfect” ones.  To me, I’m excited to get a couple that are imperfect to the expert and maybe even one that is really off the charts.  See Glassybaby’s candle holders are in some crazy way very uniform.  When you enter one of their local stores, each glassybaby have practically the same shape as the next.  Part of the Sale aura is that seconds are untouchable until Sale day.
These make awesome gifts, beautiful decorations, and illuminate in such a unique way.  Each are handblown individually to make each glassybaby one -of-a-kind.  and I absolutely love the story behind them… seen here!
glassybaby - votive vessel vase
*pictures courtesey of
I’ll be seeing you in those crazy lines waiting not-so-patiently to get my hands on a few imperfect little gems!

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