Monday, September 21, 2009

Do the Puyallup

Dear Puyallup Fair,
The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and the weather is cooling down, which can only mean one thing: The Puyallup Fair. Wow. Saturday night was…amazing. When I took my first bite of my annual Cheesequake burger, I instantly remembered why you are a annual tradition in my family. Ending the night with a baker’s dozen of hot scones, you blew me the heck out of town! Every buttery, rich bite stuffed with raspberry jam was worth it.
Thanks, Michelle & Scott

So, every year in our area there is an annual fair, The Puyallup Fair. Traffic gets backed up, the streets are a nightmare, but the fair is more than worth it to our family. There are miles of fair food booths and a ton of exhibits, featuring art, flowers, gadgets and crafts.
 Even though there are a lot of points of why I love the Fair, there are three reasons our family goes every year. The first is this is where my dad proposed to my mom♥♥♥ And the second is the infamous Earthquake Burgers. No day at the Puyallup Fair is complete without a visit to Earthquake Burgers for a half pound burger smothered in grilled onions and American cheese. I was AMAZED (along with the rest of my family) that both Scott and Pat ate an entire one on their own. I guess it is just the excitement of being at the Fair the first time  :) This is the first year that I even ate half of one! The third reason we go to the fair are the Fischer Fair Scones. This year my mom and I tried to find out exactly what brand of jam it is that they used. We even went so far to do a quick scan of their dumpster!! I guess you can keep your secret for now, but we will be back next year to try again!! Even thought you can buy the mix and make these scones at home, there is something about those scones being hot, with loads of butter and their top-secret jam that makes them “fair” special!

 Scott and I were also excited to get a few items at the fair for our married life together! Two Cutco Knives! Woo whoo! Only downside… is waiting almost another 9 months to use them!! Overall I think the group decision was the Fair was just as good as we remembered, and everything we ever told Pat and Scott about! Scott and I are going to try to head back on Friday for round two of greasy foods. And if Scott and I don’t make it back for round two on Friday… Here’s to next year at the Fair!!

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