Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We are so excited to share with you (I keep telling Scott there are more than five of you…) that we are well into the process of buying our first home!!  They tell you to do one major life thing a year, but Scott and I are planning for two in 2010.
Over the last year Scott and I have been watching the housing market and dreaming of buying our first home together.  We have been very lucky to have two very supportive families who have encouraged us to live at home and save as much as possible so that we could reach our goal.  With the plan of Scott moving up to the Seattle area we started to look a little harder into the neighborhoods we had been thinking about.
After looking into some places, we were surprised to find that building a new home was a deal we couldn’t pass up in this market.  I think that this must be the first time in the real estate market that it is most cost effective to buy and build a home.
It was so exciting picking features, upgrades and options. From wood floors, kitchen cabinetry to faucets Scott and I were able to pick most everything, but we quickly learned “with limitation” and “no” were words we got to know well. 
We will keep you updated as the process goes along. We expect the house to be “move-in ready” sometime in late January to early February!! And after the house is built we will have plenty of other yard work and house work to do so we will have more to share.
House 004
Whose trailer is that?
House 002
See that dirt?.. Yea, that's ours!
House 003
Scott in front of our lot

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