Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seattle's January Freeze

So I'm sure you all heard about our little snow storm up here in the Pacific Northwest. Especially you I-can't-even-drive-in-the-rain-but-feel-the-need-to-call-people-snow-wimps residents of Los Angeles.(ridiculous!)

For your viewing pleasure here are a few pictures of our 3 days without power in the bitter cold.

What, you want to get your mail? So sorry, Mr. Freeze incased your entire mailbox in an ice cube! Rain, sleet or snow - but not ice, I guess!

Yes, somewhere in there is a hydrangea plant!
And last but certainly not least, one person really enjoyed herself!


  1. kaya looks so darn cute! i have a bunch of pics from the snow that i haven't posted yet too. we always were procrastinators... :)