Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembering the Islands

This my friends is a little piece of Hawaiian heaven.  Pineapple Rum cake from Mark's Place in Lihue, HI. 

Now you may find that you are asking yourself, "Gee, when did she go to Kauai?"

Friends, do not worry... I went on my honeymoon!!!

This is where you go, "Honeymoon! Don't you know you got married in July and it is now NOVEMBER?"

Again, don't you worry.  After we tried our first bite of Mark's delicious baked goods and incredible hole-in-the-wall Hawaiian food restaurant we were in love.  Unfortunately we discovered this place on one of OUR LAST NIGHTS! So we did what any normal food lover would do.  Go back the following night, order a massive dinner, chat it up with some great locals about life in Kauai (while considering dropping everything and moving), and THEN buying out basically their entire baked goods selection before we hopped on our airplane home. 

We have two more loaves left in our freezer well protected and awaiting to be devoured.  Let's just hope that Mark will ship soon, or I guess we will HAVE to go back to Kauai!!

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