Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Tricks

Sure she looks sweet and innocent, however this creature is anything but. She is sneaky and somehow accomplishes the oddest things.

These are Smokie's latest tricks:

1) She will sit in or around the bath tub and cry. She will continue to cry (loudly) until we turn on the water for her to drink, play in, and look at. This is my mom's fault for teaching her this trick. Sadly, Smokie does not understand that unlike Snoop, she is a cat, and should not be drinking from faucets.

will cry for up to one hour... it has been tested.

2) She likes to carry things. She will carry large or small objects throughout the house. This started with carrying her toys around the house like her prey.

It has now it has moved onto wedding party favors, papers, pens, laundry and most recently.... a loaf of bread.

She managed to bring the bread out of a bowl, off of a table and over to the bottom of the stairs. I'm sure if we had given her more time it would have ended up in our bedroom as this is where she brings all of her treasures.

3) Climbing. We've never seen her do it, but the paw prints on the sides of the fridge give her away.

4) it's hairball season...

How does so much stuff come out of such a small creature?


  1. A loaf of bread?! Dem caught Mia kneading a loaf of bread once so now we keep it in the cabinet or in the fridge. Cats...