Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful #2

Today, I am thankful for Scott.
I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend the rest of my life with. He is caring, thoughtful, giving, forgiving, funny, kind, cute :) , patient, helpful… the list really could go on forever. If you told me three years ago that I would be seriously dating, let alone, getting married…I seriously would have never believed you. I was quite the happy single girl. I loved my single life.
But once I met Scott, no matter how hard I tried to fight it, the single life I knew so well was quickly a thing of the past.  I’m actually glad that cynic in me has gone away again. I’m so glad that we met and have had a great 2+ years together.
I’m thankful for us finally being able to live together in the same city, and to come home and have dinner with him. I’m thankful for the Costco trips, grocery shopping, and other everyday errands. I love that he actually loves going and doing errands with me. I’m thankful for his want to help me with the wedding planning.  I love that he feeds Smokie every morning, and plays with Snoop almost every night. I love that he goes on walks with me and gets excited when I try a new recipe. I am so proud of him for taking the CPA exam and passing 3 out of 4 parts on the first try… and has one more part to go! I love that he’s just as excited about our house being built as I am.
I love that he thinks I’m going to invent something and it’s going to make us rich, even though I don’t have any ideas of inventing something, he has complete faith in me.  I seriously don’t know where these invention ideas came from.
I’m thankful for his love of good food and all types of movies (Yes ladies, he even watches chick flicks with me AND calls them entertaining!).  I love that a good night out for him is going out to eat, and seeing a play.  I love that he loves me in sweats and a ponytail with no makeup… he actually prefers it.  I love that he puts up with me on my bad days and even in my worst mood tries to make things better.
I love that even in a grocery store he will shout “B” to get my attention and doesn’t think twice about it.  He is my best friend and I love that.
I love you Scott. Thanks for being you and making me laugh and smile everyday!
Little B - Still loves Soccer
Love you b

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